Boardz Drag

The following interview appeared on an issue of C47 Houston Entertainment Magazine.

West side Houston filmmaker Shedrick Cortez Stokes, and SCS Films, are pleased to announce that they are in the pre-production and funding stages of a new feature film called, "BoardZ Drag".

Produced by Hattie J. Horn a funding teaser has been created in hopes of generating potential investors, locally, nationally and even internationally to finance this project. "This project actually started over 11 years ago when I began my journey to become a police officer," said the director of "BoardZ Drag" Mr. Shedrick Stokes, "from many hand written notes to 103 typed script pages 11 years later. I decided to take a rather unique approach in presenting this film to the public. This teaser is the second phase of the project. I thought it would be a nice jester in the marketing drive to promote this project."

Directed by Mr. Stokes, "BoardZ Drag" is a True life action packed police drama that follows the life of Rick Sims, a young police officer who is determined to conquer his fears in pursuit of becoming a Motorcycle Officer. From the time Rick was a child he aspired to be like his father, Conrad Sims, a respected and decorated officer and one of the first black motorcycle officers in the country. Murdered during a routine traffic stop and several years later, Rick has been selected to train with the elite motorcycle unit of the police department. His chances of completing the training course are almost derailed by his personal demons and his attempts to avenge his father's death. Casting for the feature film is underway.

Mr. Stokes was the cinematographer behind the camera. He used a Panasonic HVX200 HD (which uses P2 high performance cards) to shoot this trailer and Marco DuBose of South Coast Film & Video cut and spliced this trailer using an Avid style software.

"I want the audience to find inspiration and respect for people NOT like themselves." comments Mr. Stokes, "I would like audience to recognize the differences in each other, where it relates to diversity and being tolerant of multicultural people."

Written by Mr. Stokes, "Boardz Drag" the film, is expected to run 120-minutes.