SCS Films, was established by Shedrick Cortez-Stokes, a former cameraman with CBS affiliates KHOU-TV and KTRK-TV, totaling (18) years of on the job experience in television, news, production, and film.

SCS Films goals are to attract financial investors to underwrite the costs of producing a full-length feature film of BOARDZ DRAG, a police action drama, inspired by a true story. SCS Films has produced a short teaser (multi-media) here in, as part of its marketing and promotion package: We hope you'll enjoy.

We can take your production from script to screen.

    Shedrick Cortez-Stokes, Executive Producer:

    P. O. BOX 820192
    Houston, Texas 77282
    281-679-0301- fax


    DIRECTOR: Shedrick Cortez-Stokes

    DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY: Shedrick Cortez-Stokes

    LIGHTING: Shedrick Cortez-Stokes


    ACTING COACH: Marilyn Swick

    WEB, LOGO, and GRAPHICS: Biz Solutions, Houston, TX