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JOY COMES IN THE MORNING, a true story, about a mother and daughter both having cancer at the same time; their journey together. This story takes place in the small town of Akron Ohio. Both mother and daughter suffering from breast cancer simultaneously and helping each other cope with this dreadful disease. Sadly, the mother passes on and the daughter is left with survivor guilt, losing the person most closest to her, all the while working full-time as a juvenile probation officer.

SCS Films' documentary/drama is inspired by this book written by Rebecca M. Shepard & Jessie Lockett. SCS films will feature several families from diverse backgrounds whose lives were touched by breast cancer. Their stories will serve to inspire and enlighten you, as well as demonstrate that early detection and intervention, strong will, and perseverance are crucial in the fight against this insidious disease.

You will have a unique look into their respective cancer battles, physical and emotional struggles, and how they have successfully managed to thrive – either while still in the trenches or having emerged victorious on the other side. We will explore the many faces of a disease that does not discriminate. Irrespective of age, race, culture, socio-economic background, or even gender, “breast cancer has no face.”

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The Web of EVE: The time is present. Evette, is a beautiful young woman. Evette’s early childhood was tarnished by a controlling womanizer, her father. After his last explosive display of alcoholic and PTSD attack on her mother, her father becomes an early 1st of several victims caught in EVE’s web.     

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BOARDZ DRAG is the story of Ricky Sims, a young police officer who is determined to conquer his fears in pursuit of becoming a motorcycle officer.

From the time Ricky was a child, he wanted to be like his dad, Conrad, a respected and decorated officer and one of the first black motorcycle officers in the country, who was murdered during a traffic stop.

After several years on the police force, Ricky is selected to train for this elite motorcycle unit. His chances of completing the course are almost derailed by his personal demons and trying to avenge his father's murder. The movie, a police drama, based on true events which goes into all the obstacles young Ricky has to endure along the way.     

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scsANGELICA'S BAKERY, a true story (a romantic comedy) about the life and times of "Miss Bobbie" and her deliciously famous caramel cake. Angelica's Bakery takes place in the city of Chicago, Illinois.

This true story references a single African American mother of 4, whose many years of struggle and hard works finally paid off, enabling her to own and operate one the most successful bakeries in Chicago, and nationally awarded and recognized.

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Jose Gonzalez Lands In America:

Jose Gonzalez Lands In AmericaJose, a Mexican Immigrant, has decided to leave his country and go to America, for a better way of life, and to master the English language. Jose's older brother's issues, back home, has caused a delay in Jose's life dream.

SCS FILMS, is dedicated to its community of the stories of real life; and those persons who are limited to the access of getting their stories on the big screen. We hope for your support so that we can support!

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scsFROM CRIP TO LIFE, a true story, (drama) of a former East Los Angeles gang member whose humble beginnings takes him from a small town in northeast Ohio, to the mean streets of modern days Los Angeles, where life expectancy as a gang member is short.

However, this reformed gang member manages to turn his life around after many years of incarceration in various jurisdictions; being wounded by gun fire (several incidents), he miraculously survives his injuries, and he returns to his native small town in Ohio as a humble husband and father.


The God in herTHE GOD IN HER, a true story, (family) about a man, who, as a child, was placed for adoption and grew up in a foster parent home. "Earnest's" foster parents were very strict southern Christian people who instilled good values in their son, Earnest. Earnest's foster dad passed away and Earnest, as an adult, moves back in with his foster mom to provide health care after she's diagnosed with Alzheimer disease, while still working a full time job. Years earlier, Earnest met his biological mother, and he became a forever addition of his biological family. Earnest and his adoptive mother live right next door to his birth mother and they all enjoy fabulous relations with each other.

The in-home care last for 16 years before the passing of Earnest's adoptive mother, who goes on to live with the Lord. Based on a true story, this film is an uplifting story that will touch your heart like no other. It is a compelling story of faith, and the miracles God sends to us when faced with a difficult task.